HORSCH Sprinter 8SW 8m Trailed Grain and Fertiliser drill, 2014 For Sale in Bourne, Lincolnshire


HORSCH Sprinter 8SW 8m trailed grain and fertiliser drill, year 2014, 9970 hectares, Muller controls, blockage sensors, twin hopper with pressurised lids for grain and fertiliser although you can use both hoppers for grain only (8000 litres split 50:50), fully steering braked axles, Multigrip tines with 28 coulters over 3 rows giving 285mm tine spacing, currently on paired row Duett coulters; optional Bourgault VOS4082 coulter system with tungsten wear strips available to fit, pre-emergence markers & bout markers (hardly used due to GPS steering), full width front tyre packer, double row mid mount harrows and single row rear following harrow, full set of metering rollers