Maintaining crop quality in store

With a large percentage of the cereal harvest now in store, the correct operation of crop ventilation systems can maintain the quality, whilst it’s in there. Evans & Pearce managing

Hydraulic quickhitch system: An innovative and sustainable enhancement

Kramer-Werke GmbH has unveiled a new, fully-hydraulic and patented quickhitch system, offering complete flexibility with continued maximum performance. According to Kramer, the fully- hydraulic quickhitch system ‘Smart Attach’ will ensure

Onion harvester launches into the market

The latest product to come to market in the ScanStone range is the lightweight and nimble ScanStone Panther Onion and Bulb Harvester, equipped with a specially designed front lifting unit.

Embracing the next generation of farming

Precision Ag at Ben Burgess is a key factor in delivering premium customer support. Fine tuning of machines and implements by Precision Ag consultants operating across East Anglia and beyond,

Is it a case of delayed drilling or healthy establishment?

For many, the optimum time for drilling cereals is mid-October but growers can be torn between later drilling to aid weed control and getting the seed drilled early in warmer

Smart operation for the whole chain of cultivation management

Elliot Haines, of ERH Services Ltd, first came across the FJ Dynamics AutoSteering Kit when he was looking for a system for his own compact tractor, and was so impressed

New moisture management systems offer real-time control

Yorkshire-based manufacturer of mixed flow crop dryers, Kentra, has introduced two new moisture measurement and recording systems for growers, and an automated moisture monitoring system ideal for use at the

New sprayer is long-term investment

For Derbyshire arable and dairy farmer Rob Holmes, a new sprayer should be a 10–15 year investment, so the decision on a new make and model was not to be

Continued success for multi-purpose tine drills

Many farmers are looking for a versatile drill which will perform well in direct and min-till situations and Keith Rennie Machinery (KRM) claims to offer a range of tine drills

Crosscutter makes light work of stale seedbeds

Preparing the ideal stale seedbed ahead of a direct drill is an exacting task and like many farmers, Richard Budd has tried a number of approaches at Stevens Farm, near

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