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Row crop tyres: Tyre width and the impact on your crop yield

The width of agricultural tyres make a noticeable difference to crop yield. Narrow row crop tyres have less impact on soil and allow young seedlings to develop throughout the field. Ascenso explains the benefits of its VDR 900 VF radial tyres, which also deliver lower fuel consumption, and increased overall productivity.

narrow row crop tyres on spreading tractor in green farmers field

You may think that there is only a slight difference in the width of row crop tyres, but depending on the size of your farm, the difference tyre width makes to potential crop yield is noticeable.

Spraying, for instance, at this time of the year requires numerous trips across your fields and the impact in terms of soil damage and crop damage with traditional wide tyres can really affect your bottom line.

Unlike wide tyres which crush the crops, narrow row crop tyres have less impact on the soil and allow young seedlings to develop correctly throughout the field. In addition to being easier to drive between the rows of crops with narrow tyres compared to wide tyres, the limited width of the footprint in the soil with narrow tyres reduces the number of plants damaged as well as the impact on your crop’s root system.

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Ascenso’s narrow row crop tyres

Ascenso’s VDR 900 VF radial tyres are engineered to carry 40% more load than a conventional radial tire, or the same load at 40% lower pressure.

These tyres have been designed with stronger lugs, a large contact patch that gives excellent traction and with the unique and innovative design of Ascenso’s mud breaker technology, the self-cleaning characteristic of the tyre decreases slippage, delivers lower fuel consumption, and increases overall productivity.

With a set of high-tech narrow VF tyres, you can work with lower inflation pressures, use a high-capacity spray tank, wide booms, and see a significant improvement in crop yield, the company concludes.

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