Listed: June 2023


These Grabs have been designed by ourselves to handle thousands of Big Square Bales per year. The bottom bale is spiked while the others above it are pulled back tight against the frame with the side claws. The top of the frame extends to allow upto 3 MF 2190 (Full Hesston) or equivilant bales to be safely handled.
The grab can also be used horizontally as you would a Flat 8 Grab.
For use on the road the Tine Bar folds back and the Tines are caught the Claws to leave minimum obstruction. The strong open Framework leaves excellent visibility for operator.
We have been using these Grabs for years and have not broken one yet!
Will also move Bale Bandit Packs.
Also make fixed Grab for 3 Hesstons – see last 2 pictures on a Kramer.


Balers & Bale Handling


  • MakeBig Bale Claw Grab
  • ModelBale Handler

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